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"We found telemarketing to be very worthwhile. The Lead Generation and Making Appointments by Anna for our Sales Team have been valued and enabled opportunities we would not have had."
Patricia Moss, Operations Director, Anglia Circuits Ltd, St Ives, Cambs


" Maxine provided telemarketing, marketing help and training for us. She really does know her stuff. We highly recommend her for any marketing needs you have. If she can't get you results, I don't think anyone could!!! She is Cambridgeshire's Ruth Badger (but much nicer!) "
Sallie Steward, Managing Director, Easiprint Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambs



Choosing the most appropriate pricing for your business


We know that choosing the right pricing structure for your campaign can be difficult as it is a balance of risk and how to get the most from your investment. Our range of pricing options are flexible to accommodate most business needs but we are happy to tailor a campaign to suit you specifically.


Considerations include the cost of your product and service and how much of this you are prepared to put aside to cover the cost of acquiring the lead or sale. Another consideration is cashflow and whether there are funds available to invest upfront or whether the campaign needs to be self financing from the outset.


A key decision is whether you require just "Instant Sales" or whether you are also interested in "Future Sales" which comes from Pipeline generated as part of a campaign. Please have a look under these tabs on our website if you haven't already done so.



Price Structures


* Pay-Per-Lead

* Pay-Per-Appointment

* Hourly Rate

* Lower Hourly Rate + Bonus

* Set Project Fee


Campaigns are tailored to suit your requirements in terms of volumes, timescales, budgets and you set the qualification criteria that you would like your leads to meet.   An example of this is whether your prospect is looking to purchase your type of product or service within a certain timescale but there are other criteria that you may like to add. 


Pay-per-lead means you pay nothing for our efforts and pay only when a lead has been obtained that meets the criteria you specify so you have nothign to loose and only new business to gain!


There is no minimum contract and no set up fees so contact us to discuss a trial.


*NOTE: Please note most Pay-per-lead and Pay-per-appointment campaigns are subject to a short initial trial on either hourly rate or lower hourly rate plus bonus