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"We found telemarketing to be very worthwhile. The Lead Generation and Making Appointments by Anna for our Sales Team have been valued and enabled opportunities we would not have had."
Patricia Moss, Operations Director, Anglia Circuits Ltd, St Ives, Cambs


" Maxine provided telemarketing, marketing help and training for us. She really does know her stuff. We highly recommend her for any marketing needs you have. If she can't get you results, I don't think anyone could!!! She is Cambridgeshire's Ruth Badger (but much nicer!) "
Sallie Steward, Managing Director, Easiprint Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambs



Prospect Analysis




Our popular Prospect Analysis helps you find out why people choose to buy or not buy from you. We approach either those prospects where you have provided a quote which was not taken up (lost prospects) or we can approach those people who have purchased from you to find out why they selected to buy from you.


We provide honest, objective and structured feedback to enable you to improve your business.  This is particularly useful when you are considering improving your conversion rates from the enquiries you receive to the sales and purchases actually made. 


For several clients we have undertaken this exercise prior to investments such as advertising, websites or software or new products and all of our clients have found this to be an extremely valuable exercise enabling them to make significant changes to the way they operate and convert leads into sales!  For other clients we have conducted a range of analysis campaigns and reports across a wide range of sales and marketing activity.


Benefits of Stimulating Lost Leads


In addition to the research, there is also a very real benefit of stimulating leads and reviving leads that were otherwise thought of as lost. For a double glazing company we were able to up-sell, cross-sell and revive 40% of the campaign population.


Benefits of Up-Selling, Cross-Selling


This type of campaign also provides opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell other products or services.



"Dear Max

Just a brief note to say thank you for your prompt services. Amidst peak season for rental bookings I found myself not achieving enough bookings from the enquiries that were coming in. You very quickly worked on some analysis, fed through the results, and I was able to take the new strategy "quick to market".

Once again, a spendid service. "

Linda French, Managing Director, Great Holiday Rentals Ltd, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire